Sunday, November 25, 2012

Minifigs Review: Hazmat Guy

Salam & Hye Everyone :)

" Why I always have that worried face? :'3 "

I have been eyeing on this design for a while. It got great facial expression, cool outfit, cool cleansing kinda gun (it is soft rubber and not ABS plastic) and the head accessory design is very awesome. I would love to have this design like at least 2 more of it. 

I got it this afternoon at Amcorp Mall, priced at RM30 but I manage to get a RM5 discount of it. Well its already unshield in its polybag but un-used yet. Tell me is that a good price? because this is my 1st unit from the minifig collectors line up. This Hazmat Guy is in the Series 4, and the most cool character for me :D

Well I just have to snap it with the Shell Lego Minifig accessory set because just to make it looked cooler with those oil jars and that petrol kinda thingy stuff.

Rating: 9/10 :D

*a full 10/10 if i got darth vader or scout trooper on a scrambler bike :D


  1. Amcorp mall mmg biasa jual mahal..bli ngn uncle seat ke? Em aku bli bulan oktober rm16 hazmat dr forumer lowyat kt lego thread..check diorng nye signature.pastu darth vader mmg mahal skit..pling murah diorg jual rm52..hehe

    1. ambe dah cuba cari dari seller yg dari lowyat tp takde pula jmpa yg bawah rm20, hajat nak beli lagi 2 unit yg model ini. thanks for the info huhu :D