Sunday, November 25, 2012

Your Weapon?

Salam & Had ur lunch yet?

"Two New Guns"

The greatest weapon of a Muslim should be and is prayer.  It has been emphasized by Khalifatul Muslimeen Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad time and again.  Because of the enormity of this subject the first chapter of this booklet will focus on this most important tool for success. 

The Prayer & Du'a is the greatest Muslim weapon since Our Prophet receive his 1st divine Wahyu till today to our present time. By Prayer & Du'a, a fellow Brother can change his fate because with that doing he shall be better at doing his task, believing in Allah's Fate upon him and by this his effort shall be better because he have focused his will to it. And again the act of Praying and Du'a is considered as "effort" by Allah SWT, by this effort InsyAllah there will be better fate to him. 

*I managed to buy 2 new guns yesterday, one is the Long Blaster Gun from Lego Star Wars series and the other one looks like a machine-gun but i cant seem to find which Lego series it was. Maybe it is from Lego City that have mafia kind crooks?