Friday, January 1, 2010

04 Transport Design Model's pics


what da was thinking to highlite my bike model by croping it nicely and with some designed layout, but i think i could do it later and just posted the pic now.

this model took me about 7 days to complete from the tech drw to the finishing detailing. Din, Asib and Yus helped me alot with the detailing and the tyre+rim+spraying work while i was doing the graphic+paper work on it. and i also got my product design model to finish after i submitted this one for the xsesment day.

this model cost me about and not less than rm300 (i minus the airbrush set that i did bought earlier for the detailing spraying work but i seems cant use it because of the time consuming and im not skilled enough to use it yet). the paint job (i did wrong with the spray can color choosing) is not what i dreamed, the blue metallic look should be brighter and the fairing should be chromed. and plus i think the rear grip is too big lol :D .

in this pic there is a green scooter beside it, it is by Syafiq. he designed a urban industrial styled scooter. well while mine was an entry level electric bike with changeable platform and it is a single seater racing styled. haha...i think i watch too many kamen rider stuff lol.