Thursday, May 26, 2011

I had alot of free times... ^_^!

well this a doodle when i am free (most of the time) since i didnt ave any permanent job rite now, i intent to render a car design once a week or two just to keep my skills running good and my ideas fresh. so what do i do in my free times and focusing on design? well i just love to browse every day on the web searching for the latest automotive news, autoblog, local car news and deviantart. Most of the time in coroflot i am browsing trough other's designer profile and their likebox's images, this is just to see what they like and what they are referring to.

btw, i am also quite fond of Autostylista this facebook group that my friends created just for automotive interest geeks of friends. rite now we are holding a monthly car design battle, the winners of the battle shall be announced and promoted at our friend's blog n sites ^_^ . I you are into these kinda stuff why not join us on facebook :) . click

EVX 2nd version

well i had some free times (alot of it) and started to browse on new rendering tutorials on the net and had some good ideas and inspiration for my style of rendering. well this what i had done so far with the new things that i learn...

This design suppose to be another EVX concept from my previous rendering, the 1st rendering is quite a small coupe car but this one have a much better dimension and longer wheelbase. A few new styling cues are adopted to this rendering considering what the Proton had done these year with their new model facelift and concepts.


Its been more than a year since i posted anything here, well this one of my latest rendering. The design is my takes on the Alfa Romeo Mito and blending it with my ideas and abit of pimped bodykit :)