Friday, November 23, 2012

A Helping Hand :)

Salam All & Good Afternoon :)

A Helping Hand :)

They say if u gave goodness & help to other, God shall return it back to you. But remember to be a good friend that is willing to help, willing to be helped. Can we say all of what we achieve right now is due to our own 100% effort? Do we see our self as self-centered-person? If you are a muslim u wont have that kind of thought or doings, because we know that this Universe & urself are own by Allah SWT. A good muslim is one who helps others to fulfills their needs or desire as long it is in capability. 

Helping is a good deed, either to help ur own family or friends, it is also a must to help a stranger with good will in ur heart. How does God repays u it is in his gracefulness & good-doings. In this time of need For Gaza & Palestine please do share our love & help by giving good prays to them and if can please donate anything that is good for them. In the internet there are alot of these NGO that is currently sending money, medicine and food for Palestinians over there, try to spend sometime reading and donating what is good for them, InsyAllah ur good deeds shall be repay in this world and here-after. 

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