Friday, November 23, 2012

The Talent Chemistry?

Salam & Good Night everyone ^_^

Talking about talent (art & design related)
Its seems when a person or client said " are so talented, I never can draw/design something like that" the designer either think himself is very talented or ???. Talent doesn't happen just like magic, it took special interest of a person to what he like or bias to. For example a designer who can do good design and illustrate it either digital or manual (hands-on) is likely to have certain training, skill polishing and good education in that focus so that he can be what he want to be (either leisure or as a career). Its how we see a person who trains alot and love what he is doing that is the matter, they are good at it because they really wan to be the best (or yet to be the best in that particular career/work).

Many people though that such skill in art & design (example: drawing, sketching) are gifted, but from my opinion it is totally wrong. To draw or sketch in a good polished skill takes practice and focus, it is the same as singing, acting or playing a music instrument. By practicing and loving what do u do, one self skill can be better than others. Just imagine u have been living in cold climate country and u took a vacation to a sunny hot country like in Asean or Africa, the native over there doesn't really fell the hotness of their land since they are adapt to it since young..but do u?. well i can keep mumbling like this for thousand of words but I think you the reader knows that talent is something u gain by focusing it at a good level :).

But do remember that all of these talent and good or bad stuff in ur life is By Allah SWT gracefulness and love ^_^

*btw today is my younger and only one sister Nurul Aini Hayati Binti Ibrahim, may Allah SWT bless her with goodness and be a solehah :)

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