Friday, June 17, 2011

My Final Transport Design Degree Project part 1

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The Cross Compact Versatile Vehicle

i should had done this month ago just after i finished my studies but i had been busy with some other stuff. Since i already had my degree convocation i think it is okey to post my transport design project here since its a collaboration with Proton. For this project the duration is only 1 semester time which then previous semester i did a concept interior design for Proton too under the collaboration. En.Azlan, En.Zafrudin and En.Wan from proton styling department had brief us on what is a concept car and mostly stuff about proton design direction and its missions. an insight from them are very crucial as we are eagerly trying to face their aspectation.

So for this the design brief was to design a compact concept car that is production wise for proton in near future, design criteria such as sustainable, green energy, humanism and practicality is been focus on our design as a mark of good global design. For this i choose a suitable wheelbase from the Proton Saga BLM as a starting package and later on i develop it toward the needed design criteria and my own design focus.

styling and design development are on the go same with developing a package drawing for this design, i am focusing on a much more simplicity design and practicality focus so this car exterior looks doesn't goes to a bizarre radical look.

The Proton's Compact Concept Versatile Vehicle, its a compact car concept using 1+2 seating arrangement with moveable and foldabe seats to match its versatile intention. utilizing green and sustainable technology its matches the electric power terrain and versatile wheel design concept taken for Michelin wheel concept tech to gain its terrains drive-abilities.

this car is intended for a city life market that ables the user to gain more area even it is out of a city range (aka the option to go to rough activity mode or long distance travels). with this design i believe a much better sustained usage and future activity can be achieved and properly accepted. :D

so here are the 1st few pics of the project which is the final design rendering :)

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