Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Final Transport Design Degree Project part 2 (model making)

Salams and good day to everyone on earth! and beyond! :D

The Cross Compact Versatile Vehicle

Here are some pics and my model making process during the time before assessment day. For this design project i am basicly using hi-density foam (which are used to control the cold temperature of big storage freezer in its walls) as its basic form, a wooden plank for its base and epoxy for the sculpturing and surfacing. The model im building is in 1:4 scale :)

setting the model making post. the foam i had already shaped it into the basic dimension of the design.

basic sculpturing is been done.

applying the emulsion paint for the base surfacing before epoxy is been applied.

applying 1st base epoxy layer which is very thick as i am used to hard surface modeling.

almost done with the whole surface to cover with epoxy.

now smoothing the hard epoxy with sand paper and other sculpting tools :)

fine micro soft putty is been applied to fills the small holes and making the surface much more smoother :)

spray paint grey surfacer is applied. (in the pic is Rangga who is helping me with the 1st layer, i used almost 3 cans for this job)

masking the DLO area after i had sprayed it flat black.

final colors are been sprayed :)

putting some detailing such as reflectors lights and parting lines.

now it awaits the judgment day!

well thats all i think for this process, there a few things i dont explained but this is the basic overall view how to make such a model like this. :) please ask if u had any question :)

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