Friday, June 17, 2011

a bit of My Internship exp :)

salams and good day to all,

since im a graduate of industrial design study for sure i had to ave my internship or practical training during my times there. internship or practical training is very important for a academic creative study course like what im taking, it shall provide an inside experience for young designers on the real life and work of a designer at a firm, a company, a shop or in a RnD. during this time a design student shall learn many things especially new skills and new software usage and beside learning what is to work in an organization or company ranks.

well i had 2 internship in my study years, first was at the Modenas RnD center in Gurun Kedah. I was positioned as assistant product designer since i just had completed my level-2 SKM in product design engineering. i was trained and exposed to all the motorcycle manufacturing process especially designing it, apart from it i also make several proposal for a new race stripe/body sticker for the modenas dinamik. I also helped with the launching of modenas elite and ceria back then. i learned so much from this 1st time exp especially from the staff there and En.Azmi who is the design head of Modenas. He make me realize its not easy to go trough this career and i must mature up to the aspectation.

my second time was a year ago in Proreka, this is a part vendor for Proton and happen to be an important company to Proton's R3 racing unit. over here i learned alot about bodykit designing n manufacturing. the exposure in Proreka is stunning for me and helped me alot in learning new stuff such as clay model making (thanks to the modeler staff like Abang Rahim, Abg Buc, Abg Johan and MatKi), digital rendering (thanks to my supervisor En. Zaim who is very helpful and sporting) and also how to assemble a bodykit to a car :D. Not forgeting to the head of design at Proreka who is En. Hadi that gave me the chance to learn and exp there. I had alot of good time in different car projects and manage to go a company expo at KLCC by the goodwill of Mr. Yong. :)

well thats all i think.. well below is the finished clay model design that i did at Proreka :)

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