Thursday, June 23, 2011

My 3D stuff :)

Salams and Good Day to every one on earth!

Apart of being an industrial design designer we intent to have good skills both manual work and digital work, from that there is the technical part and CAD stuff that we do such as 3D model making using CAD softwares. Either it is just for visual or actual 3D data that can be used for drafting or manufacturing process (making molds, enhancing design) an industrial designer must have good sense of these technical part.

In my case i happen to stumble 3D CAD usage at early studies in Product Design Engineering SKM level 2 when i as 18. The software was i-DEAS which was use alot as CAE and CAD intention in manufacturing and simulation. back then all that i see with that software just numbers and technical 3D views like plants and engineering part, there was no actual nice realistic 3D rendering like nowadays.

Today i just use Rhino 3D as my technical 3D software and NewTek Lightwave 3D as my animation and rendering software. Thanks to my previous experience in 3D animation company, i learned alot of details in Lightwave 3D, what i liked about this software it is rendering output, its lighting tweaks and its surface manipulation. For me doing the animation part was very hard and i cant catch up with it especially with the technical part of it such as setting a bone for to move smoothly and the face expression controls.

Heres a few example of my 3D works that i had done :)

a buggy concept

a lounge chair design

rough idea of a bus-stop design

i tried to design an interior design...

a friends character design tribute :)

click this car image for a larger view (im trying out a script) lol :D btw this is also my design and rendering :D


  1. nice the bus stop is awsome.....

  2. could you please teach me how to make your F1

  3. my email

  4. sorry for this time im quite busy with my works, basically u can view these 3d tutorial in youtube, there are alot of people sharing how they are doing their works step by step using certain software. keyword: search for it.