Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Character Concept Design

Salams and good nite everyone,

To tell the truth beside from designing cars or sketching them i also love to sketch and design characters for entertainment art. Beside from that i also have working experience in pre production for 3d animation production which i did a few concept art stuff like character design, art direction, environment design and storyboard.

so here a few artwork for this posting :D

among my earlier design for a character :)

Megatron redesign by me but the rendering/coloring is by my friend Amykamen555 :D

a monster design, i tried to color it but i think it is bad :(

a monster design study :)

again my tries on coloring my characters :D

Nenek Kebayan redesign by me and the coloring is by AmyKamen555 :D

ok..i think thats all for now..later on i shall update more about this passion too :D