Thursday, June 30, 2011

Had alot of thoughts these few days

Salams and good day to everyone :)

Well i did came back from my village about 3 days ago and started up again my car rendering but i had alot to think. One of my thoughts are I must redefines my design understanding and into a much serious way of thinking when characterizing my car designs, it might rite now seems quite alot of influences from popular car design language and what the market is referring as a good product sales aka just like im doing a market analysis but on design understanding and this bothers me because I think that im going astray far from 'influence understanding' to just a refined copy rather a fresh idea. i also thinks this is what happen when im too much focusing on production concept ideas rather than a totaly sky blue concept idea.
but i still do love doing these production alike concept rendering and design because it gave me a sense of logic thinking how would this car produced and on what limitation does the car company have. For the time being im focused on Proton's design language that is appears to be on the Tuah Concept and Emas Concept last year. I used alot of the design cues and merge it with my strong likeness on the Audi and VW designs, but i also took many influence and info from the hyundai and Kia emerging market sales.

well this thoughts makes me redesign and refined a few of my upcoming rendering. well here are some what i had done these few days :)

again its refined again..and again..but this is the final lineart for it.

in this pic i am highlighting a few of curves, strokes and design that i am really focusing and trying to birth into a design such as this.

some rough sketch or doodles..i sucks at rims..need to do much more practice on that :">

ok..i think thats all :)

leave a comment if u care ok :P

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