Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011 & IPCC Grant Winning :)

Salams and good day to everyone,

well there is a few days left in the syawal muslim month that still gaves me the chance to wish my blog readers Happy Edulfitri to all muslim. Raya Puasa (fasting end season) was a good time for me to do some of many great and important work in my life and business. just after raya i had been quite busy with company assignment and works, plus just a few days ago had been a very happy and good day for me.

thanks to Allah SWT that gave me a chance to win a grant by the MSC MDEC IPCC in creating a digital interactive comic called 'Autorun | first task'. this digital comic is a hardwork by Shahizwan Zakaria which happen to be my good friend since diploma in kedah. what i did is as the presenter of the comic's proposal to the MDEC IPCC jury and refining the comic storyline and doing its marketing plan, the core of the comic is truely Babat's (his nickname) effort and idea. you can visit the facebook fanpage of this comic at here and pls click LIKE as a support to this creative effort.

here is a few pics and designs from the comic.

its me and babat during the presentation, credit to Nizam '' for capturing us :)

the comic sample, u can see a few more pages in the fanpage link.

my version and babat's version if Ryan the heroic character.

me and babat after receiving the check replica from MDEC :) at the MSC MDEC open house and grant giving time :)

well i think thats truly quite blur this

wasalams :)

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