Sunday, February 14, 2010

Proton Savvy Cross Design review/words

As this is the early idea sketches for the Proton colabo with UiTM FSSR industrial design dept, i think it wont hurt to share this with the public because there is no solid design brief yet on what kind of styling or project focus by Proton and our lecturers.

for now im just going to gave a design review/words on my idea on "Savvy Cross Concept"

these are my ideas on redesigning the Proton hatchback car 'Savvy' to be much more into the premium segment of cars such as the Audi A1 and the Mini Cooper. My design on this Savvy so called 'Savvy Cross' is to create a base design that would gave birth to such coupe hatchback (variant S or GTi in some other car company), entry level small SUV (just like the BMW X1) and ur marketed 5-door comfy hatchback car.

The DNA n profilelistic of the current Savvy design is shown by the side profile of the car which have the bold front end and short overhang but the rear design is changed from the bold shell alike design to a much muscular look as we see in Suzuki Swift or Honda Jazz/Fit. The pillar design are taken from the Audi A1 which shown good solid and tough design (which is the same with the Savvy body frame strength) and a much more characteristic waist line is designed to make the car look more compact even so the wheel base is quite lenghted than the original savvy wheel base.

*the side profile sketch is quite not what i intended, the wheel base is too short but it got my ideas on how the profile should look like.

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