Saturday, December 8, 2012

Minifigs Review: Fairy & Conquistador

Salam & Good Morning :)


Cant say much about this model because I  wasn't   aspect-ting  to get her in the pack. But its a nice  add-on  to my minifigs collection since I only got 1 female character from the shell ferrari set. The magic wand and fairy wings are nice accessories that I really like, it would fit nicely when making some cute  dreamy  scenes like I have seen in my flicker's contacts.

well i got this one at TRU 1utama for RM11.90. :)

Rating: 4/10, i just love the accessories only :P


This is my 1st ancient armor kinda guy character. Nice graphics on the body armor and on the legs. The sword is made from kinda soft plastic (but too soft like rubber). The facial design is quite nice and look very latin lol. well i this character is also nice with the zombie head..huhu..

I bought this at TRU Paradigm Mall for RM11.90 too :)

Rating: 6/10, i love the armor design :)

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