Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whats your Favorite car color?

Salam & Gooday to all :)

"A Yellow Car with a Yellow-orange-kinda-Guy, aint that a surprise?"

For me the color for a car depends on what kind of car it is, if it is a sport car it should have bright, sporty and energetic colors such as red, yellow, neon green, white and blue (heh..typical rite?) and for ur basic sedan car it should be black, grey, maroon, brownish or pearl white. Well for me its either red, black, white or blue (or maybe purple) if i want to color my own car.

My typical car rendering colors are mostly light silver, red, black and blue. there are alot of silver or greyish color that i choose for car rendering because it is easier to swap to other color when

well this is an article on this year 2012 car colors: (According to PPG’s 2012 report, metal shades (gold, bronze and copper) increased in popularity. In rank order, the colors most popular with drivers were: white (22 percent); silver (20 percent); black (19 percent); gray (12 percent); red (9 percent); natural (8 percent); blue (7 percent); green (2 percent); and ‘other’ (1 percent).

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